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If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to message us.

We are always eager to hear fromour community!

Will there be any delivery costs?

NO! We dont charge any additional fees for the delivery, this goes for ALL our Products.

Where do you deliver?

We Deliver WORLDWIDE! Providing you live in an area that can accept deliveries with no additional costs!

Expected Delivery Time

60/90 Days after Redemption period end.

Individual for each drop.

After this passed we start the delivery worldwide, which can take between 60/90 days.

Didnt received my Product

Submit a Complain, using the above message window. We will make sure to locate your parcel and if not possible send you a new Item.

Can I return my Product

No, we don’t offer a return policy, as each Item is unique and crafted ON demand.

We however will review cases with major quality issues and find a solution with you.

1 Freemint = 1 Physical Product

You can redeem your Freemint for 1 Physical Product (triggers payment)

Meaning if you want more, you need to participate in Freemints or get a Product from the Secondary Market

Redemption Costs

When you redeem; phygify your Freemint, you will be asked to pay the redemption costs, which are individual for each product.

How to stay anon

We thought about it and really don’t want to give anyone a disadvantage

In the Spirit of Web3 we accept following Terms for Delivery:.

  • Third Party Delivery
  • Provide us with an address of your friend/relatives
  • P.O. Box Delivery
  • Any Name (Just not sthg like Bucks Bunny or Moonkey)

Please note, that we have zero interest in connecting any Wallets to addresses, we are also Crypto and NFT enthusiasts and know how important privacy is in this space !

If you are looking for a special solution, feel free to contact us and we can try to find a way for your delivery.

What means Fulfillment Service ?

Fulfillment means that we cover the entire process behind an Order from your Shop, meaning:

  • Order processing
  • Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Distribution
  • Warehouse