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Duke web3 Conference Phygital Airdrop

Welcome to the exclusive
Phygify x Duke University Web3 Conference
Phygital Airdrop.

Immerse yourself in the world of wearable art with our limited-edition, high-end hoodies, meticulously crafted in Italy and inspired by the Duke Web3 Conference Airdrop.



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100 Free Hoodies

Phygify has graciously sponsored the first 100 hoodies for free redemption from the airdropped wallets, with the remaining available for purchase at wETH each.

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Connect wallet
Duke University Airdrop

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Preview Hoodie
Phygify Conference Hoodie
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As a testament to the 2023 Web3 Conference, these unique hoodies blend style, technology, and culture, creating a seamless fusion of physical and digital experiences.

Each of the airdropped NFTs in this collection can be redeemed for a high end Hoodie equipped with cutting-edge NFC technology, allowing you to link it with the corresponding digital NFT to verify authenticity and ownership.

Celebrate your connection to the
groundbreaking Duke Web3 Conference, and don't miss your chance to own a piece of wearable history.

Secure your limited-edition hoodie today!

The redemption window will be open until 05/21, afterwards the production and delivery starts which will take between 60-90 days.

Phygify any NFT

Choose any NFT from your wallet

The standard Phygify function is available for purchase at wETH each. You can choose any NFT from your wallet and redeem the physical hoodie with the exclusive ‘Web3 Conference Shield’ design.

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Connect wallet
NFT from your wallet

Step 2

Preview Hoodie
Phygify Conference Hoodie
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